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  • Pozzani Pure Water plc
    Warwick Road
    Fairfield Industrial Estate
    Louth, Lincolnshire
    LN11 0YB

    Phone: 01507 608100

    Pozzani manufacture quality plumbed-in water filters that produce fresh, crisp water indistinguishable from most bottled water and at a fraction of the cost!

    Most people realise their tap water contains chemicals that have been added during water treatment or have leeched from other polluting sources, these can give water an unpleasant taste and/or odour and may give rise to health concerns.

    Filter jugs offer a cost effective way of treating water, however, filtering water takes time and filter cartridges require frequent changes, especially in hard water areas. More convienient is a water filter system that offers filtered water on demand. Our range of plumbed-in water filters includes general purpose systems, for removing chlorine, dissolved organics, heavy metals etc. We also manufacture specialist systems for removing scum and scale, nitrates and fluoride.

    We also manufacture UV systems, water softeners, scale inhibitors and reverse osmosis systems - as well as some new filtration products aimed at the aquatic market. We also supply several types of water chiller unit, which, combined with one of our filters, is ideal for domestic or office use.

    Pozzani also specialize in supplying replacement water filter cartridges, we sell quality filter jug cartrigdes compatible with Morphy Richards Filter Rapide, Brita, Boots, Waymaster and Kenwood. We also stock a wide range of plumbed-in cartridges that fit Pozzani systems and many other popular brands. Our new range also includes fridge filters, suitable for the American-style models that supply chilled drinking water - we can supply cartridges to fit LG, Samsung, Hotpoint, Kupperbusch, Atag and Amana-wpro models.

    All our water treatment products are manufactured from high quality components and are fully guaranteed. We manufacture our own water filters, and our technical knowledge and customer support are second to none - If you have a problem related to water treatment, we will be only too pleased to help.

    Pozzani Pure Water - Taste the Difference!


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    Pozzani Pure Water plc - Telephone 0845 165 1250 -
    Pozzani, Warwick Road, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 0YB, UK

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