Damixa Aquaflow AF517 (TM) Compatible Water Filter
Damixa Aquaflow AF517 (TM) Compatible Water Filter
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After receiving many enquiries from customers looking for the Aquaflow AF517 cartridge we've sourced a filter which will serve as a direct replacement.

Our filter is produced by Cuno/3M (i.e. the company which make the original Damixa cartridge). It carries Cuno/3M branding as opposed to Damixa branding so is essentially a compatible.

The main difference between the Damixa original and our cartridge is the length - with our filter being about 4" shorter.

However the fitting mechanism (i.e. how it connects to the fixed head) is absolutely identical.

The life of the cartridge is 3000 litres (793 gallons).

If we say it fits and it doesn't we offer a full money back guarantee!

NOTE: price is per cartridge.