CFL-701 compatible with Claris Krups F088 (AEG AEL01)

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The CFL-701 is an ideal, great value alternative to an original Claris Krups F088 cartridge, offering effective removal of limescale, chlorine and other impurities to not only help maintain your machine but also to improve the taste of your water.

The CFL-701 is our FilterLogic compatible cartridge for the Claris / Krups F088 (AEG AEL01) cartridge. The cartridge offers the same, if not better levels of filtration than the original from the manufacturer and is compatible with coffee machines from AEG, Bosch, Krups, Siemens and more.

The CFL-701 removes chlorine and other impurities, as well as reducing limescale which not only protects the lifespan of your appliance but also improves the quality of the water, thus also improving the taste of drinks that your machine dispenses.

The filter should be replaced approximately every two months or after 500 cups, whichever comes soonest.

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[Warranty]Warranty Domestic
[Produces Drinks]Espresso No
[Produces Drinks]Ristretto No
[Produces Drinks]Cappuccino No
[Produces Drinks]Latte Macchiato No
[Produces Drinks]Caffe Latte No
[Produces Drinks]Flat White No
[Produces Drinks]Espresso Macchiato No
[Produces Drinks]Milk Foam No
[Produces Drinks]Milk No
[Produces Drinks]Hot Water No
[Produces Drinks]Caffe Barista No
[Produces Drinks]Lungo Barista No
[Produces Drinks]Espresso Doppio No
[Produces Drinks]Pot of Coffee No
[Produces Drinks]Hot Water for Green Tea No
[Produces Drinks]Hot Water for Black Tea No
[Produces Drinks]Ground Coffee No
[Produces Drinks]Special Coffee No
[Produces Drinks]Cappuccino Doppio No
[Produces Drinks]Latte Macchiato Doppio No
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