Data Protection Policy

Pozzani Pure Water plc respects the privacy of people who use its website. When personal information is used we do so in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Personal Information Collected
Personal information is only stored when a customer completes, or attempts to complete, a transaction on our website. We store information for the purposes of processing customers orders and enquiries, accounting regulations (as required by HMRC) and for dealing with warranties and replacement consumables. This data is stored in our online database which records customer orders, our office databases which store details for internal processing and in our email systems where order confirmations and customer correspondance are retained.

We only store data which is required by law or for the day to day operation of the company (i.e. fulfilling orders). Be advised that where you request your details to be removed from our records this typically refers to our marketing and reminder systems, and any stored information relating to your transactions will usually be retained in line with our legal obligations.

Anonymous Information Collected
We also collect various pieces of information from our customers when they access our website for the purposes of improving our site and site security. This may include information about which browser you are using, whether you have certain plugins enabled (flash, javascript) and information such as your operating system version, screen resolution etc. This is stored in a non-identifiable format and is therefore not considered 'personal information'.

In addition we may retain your IP address and a log of the pages you have visited - This information is not readily identifiable as pertaining to a specific customer or customer address in most cases, however, it may, under the scope of certain organisations, be used (in conjuction with the date and time of visit) to track back to a specific connection to the internet. In any event of suspected fraud or other security issue we may make our logs available to the necessary authorities whereby the scope of how they use the information will be determined by current UK law. In addition to entities with a legal entitlement to access data such as the police, in the event of any suspected incident of fraud we reserve the right to make our logs available to our merchant processor and their payment processors including, but not limited to, HSBC, A&L, Paypal, VISA and Mastercard.

If you would like to make a complaint regarding the use of your personal information please contact our data controller. Details are supplied below. We undertake to respond to all customer complaints within 7 working days.

Access to Data
You may make a written request at any time to the company information controller to review the data we hold, subject to the recommended ICO fee of £10 + VAT being paid. Unfortunately we are unable to provide such information via telephone or email requests in order to protect our customers security. Where a record requested does not match your current address we may request proof of identity to safeguard the personal information being requested.

Requests for data or further information of our use of data should be directed to our data controller:

Mr I Walmsley
Pozzani Pure Water plc
Warwick Road
LN11 0YB