Frequently Asked Questions
Does using a compatible water filter cartridge invalidate the warranty on the original appliance or tap?
Simple answer no. The law in the UK and throughout the European Union prohibits manufacturers of items creating a monopoly on their own spares market. This has been tested in case law with things like compatible toner cartridges for laser printers and such, where clear precedents have been set - Essentially unless the fault can be directly attributed to the compatible part malfunctioning, then the manufacturer cannot invalidate the warranty on the entire appliance just because a compatible part has been used. In the case of a water filter cartridge the chances of malfunction are remote - the technology and production processes involved in making a cartridge have been in place for thirty plus years.

To date, with over three million replacement cartridges sold over the past twenty five years, we have yet to hear of any incident where a warranty issue has occurred with one of our products.

I have a cartridge which isn't listed on your site. Do you offer a compatible?
Water filter cartridges are often made by a single manufacturer and rebranded with different part numbers for use in different industries - Therefore you often find one cartridge will fit several manufacturers products (often across seemingly different applications). If you have a cartridge you are struggling to find a compatible for, please take a digital photograph and send it to and one of our technical team will look it over and come back to you with more information.

What guarantee do I have?
All our products carry a full warranty which is limited to one year, or the life of the cartridge from date of installation, whichever comes first. In addition we offer a no-quibble freepost return service for any product we state is compatible that then turns out not to fit - So feel free to try one of our products entirely risk free!

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