IX600 No10 Twin: Limescale and Scum Removal (includes Cartridges + Tap) [PN10TS]
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Product Summary

Pozzani have combined a scale and scum removal cartridge (HM600) with a general purpose cartridge (IX600) to achieve efficient de-alkerlisation together with the reduction of chlorine, dissolved organics, heavy metals and a wide range of other pollutants.

This combination of cartridges should be used in hard water areas to prevent scum on hot drinks and scale in kettles.  If you drink tea or coffee without milk the drink looks much brighter and there are no stain marks on the sides of the cup.

The system is plumbed-in which means it fits below your kitchen sink, however, we have designed this to be easy to install, and no cutting of existing pipework is required.


Reduces the temporary hardness of water by ion exchange eliminating scum on hot drinks and scale in kettles.  The cartridge also removes heavy metals.  The cartridge exhausts in direct proportion to the hardness of your water and the amount of water used - it is therefore advisable to use the water sparingly.

General purpose multi-stage cartridges will remove chlorine, heavy metals, dissolved organics, oestrogens, etc.  Dirt and suspended solids are removed down to 5 microns.


We now have an even wider range of taps available for our plumbed-in systems.  After clicking the CHOOSE TAP button below you will be able to view the taps and prices (ranging from FREE for our standard taps to £148.00 for a Three Way Monobloc).

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Fitting it was simple and after a bit of juggling of stuff it fitted under the kitchen sink, they do take up a fair amount of room as they are quite large filter housings. The benefit of this is you get a good flow rate our previous filter trickled out. The tap water is very hard in the area so I was hoping it would live up to my expectations. To give a comparison I measured the tap water with a TDS meter, it was 297ppm and after the filter it was 120ppm and then with water hardness test strips pre was between 500 and 250 ppm and after between 50 and 125. It’s not super accurate but has convinced me the filters are doing something to improve the water, however the real test was how clean the water tasted and no scum in the kettle or tea cup.
Alan Bennett - 5 / 5
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