Pozzani Shower Dechlorinator with Essential Oil Diffuser (White) [SH001]
Product Summary

The Pozzani shower filter offers people looking to dechlorinate warm water supplies for showering a cost effective solution which will retrofit on any standard shower hose from all major manufacturers.   Available in white or silver, these slimline shower heads offer excellent water throughput, with a decent strength shower at 8 litres per minute (the average for most electric showers), and the special design of the jets is such that scale buildup is virtually non-existant, even in hard water areas.

In terms of performance the filter head will remove chlorine and chloramines from the water, which are thought by many to aggrevate skin conditions such as psoriasis, exczema and such because it increases the rate at which the skin dries.  In addition we have heard of people turning to shower filters for conditions like allergy induced autism, where bathing water is often overlooked as part of the overall 'ingestion' of contaminents.   

Although the cartridges are small and compact (fitting inside the shower head itself), they will filter 6000 litres of water at 8 litres per minute - In other words, each cartridge will give you 12.5hrs of showering at its optimum rate.   Given the average shower time is about 6 minutes, thats approximately 125 showers per cartridge.    Replacement cartridges are available in packs of three at a price of £19.95 inclusive of VAT.

In addition to filtering the water, the shower has an integrated essential oil dispenser into which you can place lavender oil (included with the shower head) or any other vaporising oil of your choice.  As you shower, simply click the top of the shower head and a carefully dosed measure will be placed into the shower water, with the inbuilt resevoir holding around 25 doses for convienience.

Typically shower heads of this quality tend to retail in the £40 to £50 sort of mark.  The white version is available with introductory pricing at £22.95 with the silver model priced at £26.95.




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