Aquarium Nitrate Removal Filter [PN10SS]
Product Summary

Nitrates are present in most tap water to some degree, mainly derived from pesticides and decaying organic matter.  Nitrates, which are toxic to fish, are broken down in tropical aquariums by bacteria, which then convert them into harmless compounds.

Levels in excess of 20ppm (parts-per-million) may cause harm to your fish, and tap water can contain upto 50ppm.  Therefore, in order to minimise the stress caused to the fish, many people choose to remove nitrates prior to filling or topping up their tanks.  This also helps the bacteria break down the nitrates present in your tank's filter and gravel bed as the level that they have to deal with remains manageable.

Prior to purchasing this system it is recommended that you check the level of nitrates in your mains supplied water.  This system is designed for people who have high nitrate levels in excess of 20ppm.

This filter is intended for tank filling only.  It is not intended to be used as a circulating filter.

The replacement cartridges for this system are the NR600 cartridges which can also be found on our website

This filter system is supplied with hozelock fittings

Recent Reviews
Absolutely brilliant product. Tap water was awful for my tanks and I was shocked to see how high the nitrate was. No wonder the water changes wasn't doing anything for the water quality in the tank. Took about a week of partial water changes to get to a trace nitrate level and the fish are much happier for it. Couldn't be happier :-)
Tatania Morris - 5 / 5
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