12 x FilterLogic FL402 compatible with Brita Maxtra [FL402-12]
Product Summary

12 pack of FilterLogic H-Flow cartridges designed to readily fit all Brita Maxtra jugs.

1935:2004 tested in Italy.  Each filter lasts for up to 150 litres as per the manufacturers original.

Jug filters are designed to remove scale forming minerals (Magnesium and Calcium ions) from the water using ion-exchange technology.   Additionally activated carbon improves the taste and odour of the water by removing Chlorine and dissolved organics, leaving it tasting 'fresher' and more pleasant to drink.


This multi-stage water filter consists of:

  - A fine mesh pre-filter to stop large particulates and debris

  - An ion exchange layer to reduce limescale

  - Carbon layer to remove chlorine/taste/odours

  - A fine mesh post filter preventing further particle release


Gives crystal clear water for both hot and cold drinks.

This product will fit all Brita (TM) jugs, kettles and water coolers, as well as fridges which use Brita filtration technology, and the current models of Laica Bi-Flux, BWT  and Bosch Tassimo, which also use this style of filter.

Please note that these cartridges fit by dropping into the top of the filter jug.  If you have been using the Aqua Optima Evolve filters and 'twisting' them to fit, then you require Aqua Optima compatibles, not Brita Maxtra.


Recent Reviews
BRITA - Morella Cool (water Jug). The last time I ordered some of these FL-402 filters from Pozzani, there was only the choice of two boxes of six if you wanted twelve, so I'm really glad that the choice has been expanded to one box of twelve! My initial fear of poor fit, poor quality and poor filtering came to nothing, and I'm more than happy to recommend them. This is the third time that I have ordered some, and the second time that I have ordered directly from Pozzani. The payment and postal service is excellent, and the use of PayPal is a bonus. These FL-402's are quality filters at an unbelievable price...well done Pozzani!
Howard Butler - 5 / 5
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