3M HF10 Microbial Reduction Filter [HF10-E2]
Product Summary

This is for the replacement cartridge only - the head is available separately (AP3 Head required)

This is a genuine 3M replacement cartridge for advanced water filtration system. It has replaced the 3M Cuno E2 Microbial Reduction filter which has been discontinued by 3M

Like most people your concerns about water quality have probably increased over the past few years. Daily, there are new reports on water contaminations. In addition, you face special challenges: every time you reach a new location and hook up to the water supply, you meet a new set of water conditions. Therefore you need a solution that addresses your concerns wherever you get your potable water from.

Caravans, motor homes and canal boats all have one common denominator in that they all require a water supply (or rely on tank fed water) for which you 'assume' the supply you are relying upon is potable. Unfortunately there are several weak points in the chain for such systems, from the cleanliness of the supply itself, to the hoses and connection equipment which you carry with you. Given the unknowns and the potential for contamination it makes sense to safeguard the supply as best as possible.

Cartridge should be replaced every six months. Caravans, mobile homes and boats should regularly flush the internal pipework with a suitable disinfectant as part of ongoing maintenance, during which this cartridge should be removed and replaced with the approved bypass plug supplied with the kit.

Please be aware that this cartridge is anti-microbial version, for scale control / removal please see the HF10-MS which fits in the same way

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