Oasis Quarrtz Plumbed In Stainless Steel Office Water Cooler [WCOAQ]
Filter System:

Flood Prevention Device:

Hot Water Dispenser:

Product Summary

The Oasis Quarrtz water cooler in stainless steel finish is both reliable and convenient for use in offices, schools and waiting rooms etc. This water cooler does not have the need for expensive, space-taking water bottles as the system is plumbed into the mains.

The cooler includes a Pozzani RIX250 Water Filter System as standard (included in the base price) with the option to upgrade to the Pozzani IX600 Water Filter Sytem for an extra £20.00. Please note that your first cartridge is included with your order, regardless of the system you have chosen.

Both filter systems remove chlorine, dissolved organics, heavy metals and more to improve the taste and odour of your mains water. The IX600 has a higher flow rate and so more suited to environments where the system is likely to be used more often.

The economical Pozzani water filter cartridges only need to be replaced approximately every six months. Installation is simple and full instructions are included - no plumber required!

The cooler requires a 240V power supply and a connection kit for 15mm copper pipework is also included, regardless of the filter system you choose.

This model has a hot and cold dispenser which means you can enjoy freshly filtered hot or cold water, straight from the appliance. If you require cold and ambient water, please check our other listings.

With this cooler we also offer the option to have a flood prevention device. The device is easy to install and comes with full instructions. All installations should be assessed as to the impact or damage of flooding in the event of the cooler being knocked over, vandalised or malfunctioning. Most insurers recommend the installation of a suitable leak prevention device to minimise the impact of any potential flooding. Whilst supplied as an optional extra (in the event such a device is already installed) our advice is to always install an automatic-shut off device. When comparing other coolers, always check pricing includes this hardware.