6 x Filterlogic Compatible Maxtra Filters + Bosch Tassimo Descaling Tabs 311864 [Z-MPACK1]

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Product Summary

The value pack will keep your coffee machine in top condition for longer, complete with filters and descaling tablets. This pack is great for Bosch Tassimo machines which require the Maxtra style filter.

The pack contains 6 FilterLogic FL-402 water filters, which each last approximately one month. The cartridges remove impurities from tap water such as sediment and chlorine to keep your water looking and smelling fresh and clean. FilterLogic are leaders in the water treatment market and each of our products has been made and tested to the highest standards.

The FL-402 water filter is compatible with the standard Maxtra cartridge from Brita ( Not Maxtra+ )

The pack also contains original Bosch descaling tablets which do exactly as their title suggests! The tablets effectively remove any limescale build up in your appliance to keep it working just as it should for longer. The pack contains 6 tablets, your appliance requires descaling around every two months, depending on water quality and usage. The descaling tablets are ideal for use in the majority of coffee machines and kettles.

This value pack will last approximately 6 months. Instructions included.