FilterLogic FL402-E (Extra) 3 Pack to Fit Brita Maxtra+ [FL402E3]
Product Summary

The FL402E (Extra) is the brand new cartridge designed to fit FilterLogic Jugs (FLJ402) and those from other manufacturers that use the Brita Maxtra(tm) and Brita Maxtra+(tm) cartridge

This is the only current compatible which fits ALL Brita Maxtra(tm) style jugs, including Fill and Enjoy / Style).

The FL402E (Extra) offers improved performance over our popular legacy filter (FL402) with the addition of more filtration media offering longer contact times and better overall removal rates. The step up from FL402 to FL402-Extra should yield comparable benefits to the end user as with other similar products.

The cartridge removes impurities from water such as chlorine, aluminium and copper to improve the taste and odour of mains tap water. The cartridge will also help reduce limescale build-up, protecting your appliances. FilterLogic cartridges are BPA free.

Average Contaminant Reduction:

Aluminium - 73.7%

Copper - 95.8%

Chlorine - 95.2%

Each cartridge will last approximately one month, depending on usage.

FilterLogic FL402E has been fully tested within the European Union to TUV and Italian regulations, specific to the European market.

Compatible / fits with the following:

FilterLogic FLJ402

Brita Maxtra

Brita Maxtra+

Bosch Tassimo

Aquaphor Maxfor

Dafi Unimax

BWT MG - Please note that the FL402E DOES NOT add magnesium

Fully Tested within the European Union to TUV and Italian Regulations

EU1935:2004 Compliant Food Grade Approved

This is a 3 Pack of Filters

Recent Reviews
I was sent a FilterLogic FL402-E cartridge free of charge in return for an honest review. The cartridge was easy to fit in my Brita Maxtra jug and fitted well. I particularly liked the handle to facilitate installation and to get it out again. Such a simple idea but it made things so much easier. The cartridge lasted well for the whole month which impressed me as we live in a hard water area. I would definitely recommend these cartridges and will be using them again.
Margaret Bounds - 5 / 5
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