Urnex Espresso Coffee Machine Cleaning / Maintenance Kit - Cafiza - Grindz - Brushes [URNKIT]
Product Summary

This Urnex maintenance kit includes all you need to keep your appliance in top condition, including the following:

Cafiza Cleaning Powder 566g

Cafiza® Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder has a concentrated formula which eliminates residue in group heads, valves, and lines. Both foam and solubility are balanced for powerful cleaning and optimal rinsing. Cafiza® Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder is integral to the daily backflush regimen and is recommended for use with a wide range of traditional espresso machines.

How to:

1. Add 3g of Cafiza to blind filter basket

2. Back flush for ten seconds, five times

3. Rinse portafilter with water

4. Back flush with water for ten seconds, five times

5. Brew and discard a cup of espresso

Rinza Milk Frother Cleaning Tabs (40)

Rinza® Milk Frother Cleaning Tablets dissolve in warm water to easily remove milk residue and buildup in steam wands, valves and tubes. They contain cationic surfactant for additional cleaning confidence. Safe, easy, and efficient transport benefits compared with the liquid alternative.

How to:

1. Dose one Rinza tablet per 1 litre of water

2. Dissolve tablet to create solution

3. Soak steam wand for five minutes

4. Rinse thoroughly with water

Grindz Coffee Grinder Cleaner 105g

This is an original product from Urnex. Grindz Grinder Cleaning Tablets are patented, all natural, completely food safe and gluten free. They clean grinder burrs and casings which helps to extend the life of the grinder. Grindz Grinder Cleaning Tablets remove stale coffee residue and flavored coffee odours.

How to:

1. Add one capfull of Grindz to grinder

2. Grind tablets through grinder

3. Grind and discard coffee to purge

Scoopz Cleaning Brush

Urnex Scoopz Brush for use with espresso machines. This is an original product from Urnex. The Scoopz Espresso Brush has an ergonomic handle shape for comfort and ease of cleaning with a large splash guard to protect from hot water splashes. The brush has strong, durable bristles. The scoop end provides portion dosing for backflushing (2 scoops = 3g).

How to:

1. Use Scoopz to measure two scoops = 3g

2. Add to blind portafilter

3. Carry out the back flush process

Scrubz Cleaning Brush

Scrubbing sponge designed for difficult to reach areas in the portafilter, including the spout.

How to:

1. Add 3g of Cafiza to 500ml of water

2. Soak Scrubz brush in solution

3. Insert into portafilter to clean

4. Rinse portafilter