Pozzani PM10 10 Litre Metered Water Softener [PM10]
Product Summary

Pozzani’s 10 litre PM10 model is ideal for normal domestic use in households of up to four bedrooms. It offers extremely effective, highly reliable softening of mains hard water in a compactly designed cabinet.

The system features metered regeneration controls meaning it:

-Measures the amount of water softened for more accurate generation
-Is more economical than a timed system as regeneration only takes place when a pre-defined amount of water has been used
-Is convenient to operate as there is no need to switch off the system when the property is unoccupied
-Uses the latest technology to reduce water and salt consumption

After fitting, the system is incredibly simple to maintain; attention only needs to be paid to the salt levels in the brine tank, and replenishment of this only takes moments.

Please note that whilst soft water has many benefits for the home, it is advisable to keep a hard water tap installed for drinking water purposes.

All of our water softeners should be installed by a competent plumber or technician. Safety considerations and water bylaws should be complied with; an approved double non-return valve should be fitted in cases where the system is installed on a mains water supply.

Benefits of using a water softener

-Longer lasting appliances
-Fixtures and fittings have more shine
-Less shampoos, soaps and cleaning agents used
-Kinder to hair and skin
-Kitchen and bathroom surfaces are easier to clean
-Increased appliance energy efficiency
-Reduction in utility bills
-Streak and spot free kitchenware
-Softer laundry
-Removes existing limescale build-up

How our water softeners work

Pozzani water softeners work by passing hard water at pressure through a resin column that contains small negatively charged plastic beads.

These beads clean the hard water through an ion-exchange process. Calcium and magnesium in hard water both carry a positive charge. As the water passes through the resin, the minerals cling to the beads and are replaced in the water by sodium ions.

After the resin becomes exhausted (saturated with calcium and magnesium), a common salt solution is drawn through the column and the hard minerals from the resin are then released and flushed down the drain with all the excess brine. This part of the water softening process is called regeneration and is repeated as often as is necessary.

Why choose a Pozzani water softener?

We have over 30 years experience in water treatment and all of our water softener systems are assembled, pre-programmed and checked in our factory in Louth, Lincolnshire before being sent out.

We pride ourselves on the reliability and cost-effectiveness of all our products but should your water softener acquire a fault after installation, we can repair it and return it to you.

What’s more, we offer ongoing after-sales care. You can contact us on our technical helpline, even long after your system is up and running, and we will be happy to offer advice or answer any questions that you may have.

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