Frigidaire FC100 ORIGINAL WF2CB PureSource 2 Ice & Water Filter [FR-PS2]
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***If you have problems fitting this cartridge and/or the filter you are replacing has a clear (transparent) body, please contact us for advice.***

Compatible with all AEG and Electrolux fridges sold in the UK.  Electrolux and AEG are premium brands owned by Frigidaire.  If your fridge uses the twin pod frigidaire NGFC2000 cartridge then this will fit.  This cartridge is also compatibe with John Lewis JLAFFS2007 fridges.

Possibly one of the most advanced fridge filter designs currently available, the Frigidaire WF2CB Puresource II filter is designed to fit the FRRC25V6DW and FRRC25V8DS American-style refrigerators currently available in the UK.  This cartridge also fits most Electrolux models which are actually manufactured by Frigidaire (Electrolux is the premium brand of Frigidaire).

It will also fit other Frigidaire models and some KitchenAid appliances, as long as the cartridge is model WF2CB or FC100, although as the image illustrates, this is a fairly unique design and if your cartridge resembles this then the chances are this is the correct model.

The filter actually has the front panel of the filter compartment moulded onto the cartridge itself.  This will be marked PureSource II, and is usually found at the top of the refrigerator compartment.
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Product is excellent quality. We have repeated this order a few times and each time it was delivered in excellent condition.
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