Pozzani PRO50 RO System [DPRO50]
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Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water purification method by which a semi-permeable membrane separates water molecules from larger ions or pollutants.  The separation is usually 95-98% efficient with the recovery of purified water being around 10-15% of the volume processed in a single pass.  Reverse Osmosis is a very efficient way of purifying water and relies solely on water pressure.

As this method of water treatment produces very pure water, it is suitable for many applications including nitrate removal and fluoride removal.

Pozzani use the latest technology RO membranes for efficient performance and high yield production.  The membrane is a very fine element which filters down to 0.2 microns and therefore is essential to protect the membrane from untreated tap water.

Pozzani's series of Reverse Osmosis systems offer advanced water filtration and control which extends membrane life, reduces water loss and ensures reliable operation in a compact and easy to maintain module.

This system requires two replacement cartridges every six months.  The current cost of these filters is just £31.90 for the pair.  Do not be misled into thinking that systems with more stages offer better performance.  Many are cheaper units that are designed to produce a 'recurring income' for the manufacturer - more stages means more cartridges.


Compact design Failsafe flow restrictor. Automatic shut-off on full tank. 2 multi-stage cartridges. State-of-the-art TFC membranes. Simple installation and easy to use. Guaranteed for 1 year

We currently produce two models varying in capacity, namely the PRO50 and the PRO75.


We now have an even wider range of taps available for our plumbed-in systems.  After clicking the CHOOSE TAP button below you will be able to view the taps and prices (ranging from FREE for our standard taps to £148.00 for a Three Way Monobloc).

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Recent Reviews
It is early days - it hasn't been in for a week yet but the water tastes good. I used to use a filter jug and mains water smelled (and tasted) very strongly of chlorine/chemicals and there is now no smell at all. The jug also dripped like mad when pouring so I won't miss that! I had a plumber to fit it as I had also bought the water softener so he did both at the same time. Fortunately I have plenty of cupboard space in the kitchen so it all went in OK. I'm not sure how effective the tool for loosening the filters will be - it took the plumber quite a long time to open them up as the tool was very loose on the cartridges and I have arthritic hands - I'll know in 6 months time when I have to do it myself. We had to phone a couple of times and queries were dealt with very quickly and delivery was next day which I felt was extremely good.
Sue Brown - 5 / 5
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