Pack of 8 FilterLogic H-Flow cartridges to replace Brita Maxtra + Laica Bi-Flux [FL402H8]
Product Summary
This excellent value 8 pack of FilterLogic H-Flow cartridges will readily fit all Brita Maxtra and Laica Bi-flux filter jugs.

If you have a Brita jug with the restrictor valve mechanism and have had issues with compatible cartridges at some point in the past, our cartridge comes supplied with our unique FOB which will enable you to use compatible cartridges.

This product replaces the LAICA Bi-Flux compatible, offering the same great value for money, but in our opinion this model is considerably better quality.

We have spent the last 12 months developing and testing this new cartridge, which meets with TUV approval and has been tested in an accredited WQA approved facility to ensure it meets the NSF42 and 53 testing standards.

PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase this product you will receive TWO packs of 4 filters as shown in the image, giving 8 cartridges (up to 8 months supply of filtered water).

This multi-stage water filter consists of:
A fine mesh pre-filter to stop large particulates and debris
An ion exchange layer to reduce limescale
Carbon layer to remove chlorine/taste/odours
A fine mesh post filter preventing further particle release

Gives crystal clear water for both hot and cold drinks.

This product will fit all Brita (TM) jugs, kettles and water coolers, as well as fridges which use Brita filtration technology, and the current models of Laica Bi-Flux and Bosch Tassimo, which also use this style of filter.
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