Raindance Watering and Feed kit [RDANCE-S]
Product Summary

Raindance irrigation products incoporate many advanced design features not found in other micro irrigation systems.

The system uses inconspicuous 6mm PVC microbore tubing, simple push-fit connectors that don't leak, double non-return valves, a variety of spray heads and fertiliser units.

The system is very versatile and can be expanded and altered readily.  Another advantage is that once the system is up and running it requires very little maintenance.  The Raindance irrigation system constantly waters and fertilises your hanging baskets, window boxes, garden tubs, patios and conseratory plants, flower beds, vegetable plots and greenhouse.

It comes in three basic kits, all of which are identical bar the valve which controls the flow to the system:

Kit 1 - Manual Turn on/off Kit 2 - Automatic Timer (manual mechanism) Kit 3 - Automatic Timer (computerised valve)

The contents of the kit include the following components:

Standard Capacity Fertiliser Doser 5 micro-spray misters with adjustable flow 5 spray/drippers with adjustable flow 10 push-fit T-piece connectors 50 cable clips 50 tube Ties 25m of 6mm flexible tubing Additional piping and connectors available via in-pack leaflet/order form in brochure (see link above)

If you have more than 10 watering points you will require a larger fertiliser unit, which can be upgraded using the options below.

Refer to the printable PDF brochure (see top of page) for further details on specification and installation, as well as more details regarding the three different types of valve.

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