RM600: Remineralisation and Alkalinity [RM600]
Product Summary
This cartridge contains calcite based media to remineralise and increase the alkalinity of your water.

Remineralisation cartridges are becoming more popular in the UK in two distinct markets. The main request we have for these is for people wishing to produce High pH water (between 8.5 and 9.5pH) for drinking water usage. There is a train of thought that is becoming increasingly more popular that drinking higher PH water may well be better for you than drinking acidic water. This cartridge is a calcite based filter containing approximately 550cc of calcite (approximately 1kg of media). Compared to the multitude of jug type filters designed for similar purposes (e.g. Biocera) these offer an excellent value alternative and should last six months in most domestic installations.

The other main market for such products is for treating post RO water. Some customers treat their water with reverse osmosis to remove chemicals such as fluoride and nitrates. However, the output water quality from these systems can be a little 'bland', since the mineral content in water is pretty much what gives it its flavour. A remineralisation cartridge such as this will essentially give you virtually pure water, which has been dosed with clean refined calcite, re-hardening the very soft water produced by the process.

NOTE: This means you will get limescale in your tea/coffee, although we do offer two-way taps, and it is possible to configure one in such a way that one tap will give you a pure feed, and the other a pure feed with calcite added.

These cartridges are also useful in environments where RO water is too aggressive, such as some manufacturing applications.
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Again with the other filter a great way of getting clean unpolluted water
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