Plumbed in coolers - The cost Effective Solution for the Workplace!
Plumbed in water coolers are becoming increasingly more popular in the workplace - Essentially these units connect to your mains water supply and filter regular tap water rather than using expensive bottles. The difference is you own the cooler (i.e. no rental costs) and the only ongoing costs are simply replacement water filter cartridges, costing around £35 per year. This could save the average office with ten staff in excess of £1000 per year, usually offering a better quality of water than you get with bottles. These are ideal for schools, office, factories with Pozzani installations being found from hairdressers to hospitals!

Pozzani Ice Pack Undercounter Cooler

  • Mains plumbed direct chill water cooler
  • Fits inside kitchen unit, under sink
  • Suitable for upto 20 employees
  • Low energy consumption
  • Will retrofit many other brands of filter
  • Half price filter system with every chiller
  • Price from £249.95
Estimated DIY install: 60 minutes

Oasis Mains Water Coolers

  • Freestanding ideal for offices/factories
  • Simple to install, no plumbing needed
  • Hygienic stainless steel chamber/tanks
  • Optional hot water supply (for tea/coffee)
  • No maintenance contracts etc
  • Includes water filter system
  • Price from £239.95
Estimated DIY Install: 60 Minutes

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