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Using high-quality water is an important aspect of the coffee making process considering that coffee is 98% water. The CLARIS Pro Smart filters mains water to remove contaminants, meaning the water used to brew each and every cup in your Jura machine is as pure as can be.

Jura's revolutionary Intelligent Water System (I.W.S®) utilises radio-frequency identification (RFID) to enable the CLARIS Pro Smart and your Jura automatic commercial machine to communicate. Using this technology, the machine is able to automatically detect when the CLARIS Pro Smart has been installed and activate the appropriate mode. What's more, the filter continuously sends information to the machine about its use, including when it has been exhausted which makes maintenance and changing of the filter easier than ever before.

The CLARIS Pro Smart filter itself has a pioneering modified granule formula which makes it effective in filtering mains water anywhere in the world. It effectively retains minerals and fluorides that are important in helping flavours to develop whilst filtering limescale to an optimum level, even when used in geographical locations where water hardness is low. It also reduces the levels of contaminants in the water, meaning that the water is of the best possible quality.

When used correctly, the CLARIS Pro Smart completely removes the need to descale your machine. In a commercial setting this not only saves on servicing times but is also cost effective as it will help prevent scale build up, reduce the likelihood of repairs or replacement parts being needed, and preserve the lifespan of your machine.

Frequency of filter changing will depend on the machine use but it is recommended that the filter is replaced every two to three months at a minimum.

The CLARIS Pro Smart filter cartridge was designed for use with the following commercial machines:

  • GIGA X8
  • X8
  • X6
  • WE8
  • WE6
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