FilterLogic FLR-10J Fortress Universal System with tap

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This complete FilterLogic FLR-10J Fortress system kit comes with FilterLogic Swan Neck Baseball Bat Quarter Turn Tap as well as everything else you need to install the system at your sink.

The kit consists of the following:

  • 1 x Saddle Valve
  • 1 x 1m of Tubing
  • 1 x FilterLogic Fortress Inline Filter with Replaceable Cartridge
  • 1 x FilterLogic FLT-03A-C-S Tap

The inclusion of a saddle valve in this kit makes installation incredibly straightforward. The saddle valve already has 1/4 tubing attached and clamps quickly and easily to standard copper piping (15mm). There is is no need to cut the pipe.

The FilterLogic Fortress system is a new product from us and uses 40 times less plastic than many other replacement cartridges currently available on the market. What's more

The block carbon insert that fits into the housing is constructed from the highest grade coconut carbon which is extremely efficient in removing impurities such as chlorine and sediment from mains supply water

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