Filter Cartridge CLARIS Smart Mini - Single

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Compatible with Jura’s domestic ENA 8 models, the CLARIS Smart Mini cartridge communicates with your coffee machine using RFID technology to make sure that you know when the filter has been exhausted and needs changing so that your coffee always tastes as good as possible.

The CLARIS Smart mini has been specially developed to work effectively on mains water anywhere in the world. It utilises the professional up-flow principle to filter the right amount of water needed for each beverage, removing contaminants such as limescale but leaving mineral and fluorides for full flavour development of your coffee.

Thanks to Jura’s Intelligent Water System (I.W.S), any compatible machine will recognise when the cartridge has been fitted into its water tank and will automatically begin the rinsing process. It will also prompt you to replace an exhausted cartridge, making maintenance of your machine easier than ever.

The CLARIS Smart Mini filter cartridge was designed for use with the following machines:

  • ENA 8
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