Filter Cartridge CLARIS Smart - Pack of 3

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As water is the main component of coffee, making sure it is of high-quality really can make all the difference to the finished drink. The CLARIS Smart filter guarantees pure, filtered water for each and every cup thanks to the RFID technology that it uses to communicate with the machine.

CLARIS Smart filter cartridges have been specially designed to work with any Jura machine which features their revolutionary Intelligent Water System (I.W.S®). This system operates using Radio-frequency identification (RFID), and this allows continual communication between the filter and the machine to take place. As part of this communication, the machine will automatically detect when a filter cartridge has been inserted, collect data about filter use and let you know when the filter needs to be replaced. This not only makes maintenance incredibly simple but it also ensures that the filter is always working as efficiently  as possible.

Suitable for use with mains water worldwide, the CLARIS Smart filter houses modified granule which filters limescale to an optimum level, even when being used with soft water. Minerals and fluorides which help flavours in coffee to be developed are retained, whilst levels of contaminants are reduced effectively.

Routine changing of the filter once it has been exhausted removes the need for the machine to be descaled and guarantees that every coffee dispensed will continue to have a beautiful, rich aroma. Frequency of filter changing will depend on the machine use but it is recommended that the filter is replaced every two to three months. Replacement cartridges can be purchased singularly but they are also available in a cost-effective triple pack.

The CLARIS Smart filter cartridge was designed for use with the following machines:

  • Z8
  • Z6
  • J6
  • S8
  • E8
  • E6
  • WE6
  • WE8
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